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    Top 10 Celebrities With A Perfect Jawline

    September 24, 2021 3 min read 0 Comments

    1. Brad Pitt

    Perfect Jawline

    The American actor is known for his portrayal of memorable characters and for his good looks. What makes his jawline remarkable is the way his masseter muscles bulge out on both sides. Thanks to our journalists, it was confirmed that Brad Pitt was actually doing jaw exercises, which makes it one of the reasons why he’s one of the sexiest men alive. 

    2. Angelina Jolie

     Perfect Jawline

    American actress, filmmaker, and humanitarian. The recipient of numerous accolades, including an Academy Award and three Golden Globe Awards and, has been named Hollywood's highest-paid actress multiple times. Her perfect jawline definitely contributes to her “strong woman” roles in movies like Tomb Raider, Salt, Maleficent, and more. 

    3. Gal Gadot

     Perfect Jawline

    The beautiful actress who played the role of Wonderwoman based on the DC comic character is no question, included on our top 10 list. Gal Gadot is an Israeli actress, singer, martial artist, and model. A lot of people may not know that she served in the IDF for two years, and won the Miss Israel title in 2004. Her brilliant smile compliments her well-shaped jawline very well. 

    4. Timothée Chalamet

     Perfect Jawline

    Timothée Chalamet gained the title of being the cinema’s heartthrob after his outstanding performances in Ladybird, Little Women, and Call me by your Name. He possesses not only talent, but also a remarkable look, and a unique shape of jawline which easily puts him on our top list. 

    5. Henry Cavill

     Perfect Jawline

    Henry Cavill is best known for his portrayal of the DC Comic character Superman in the movies Man of Steel, Justice League, and Batman vs Superman. He’s not only done justice to the role but his Jaw of Steel easily made it to our list. Henry’s most notable features are his strong cheekbones and square-shaped jawline. 

    6. Robert Pattinson

     Perfect Jawline

    Last but not least, Robert Pattinson is unarguably one of the celebrities that has a perfect jawline. A global sensation, a bonafide hottie, has killer looks, blue eyes, golden brown hairs, and a perfectly chiseled jawline, the twilight star easily gets the title of a “Dream Man” that every girl wants. 

    7. Tom Holland

     Perfect Jawline

    Yes! Spiderman is next on our list. With his youthful look and chiseled jawline, Tom Stanley Holland must be one of the celebrities with a perfect jawline in 2021. A graduate of the BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology in London, he began his acting career on the London stage in the title role of Billy Elliot the Musical in the West End theatre from 2008 to 2010.

    8. Chris Evans

     Perfect Jawline

    Why not have another Marvel character on the list. Chris Evans, also known as Captain America of Avengers is definitely one of the celebrities who have stunning jawlines. He’s also known for his seemingly effortless charisma, a fun sense of humor, a disarming smile, and an unassuming attitude that seems at odds with his potentially imposing physique. 

    9. Jennifer Lopez

     Perfect Jawline

    Jennifer Lopez is widely known for her extraordinary singing, dancing, and acting. Some of her popular songs that will get everyone on their feet is “Jenny from the Block”, “Let’s Get Loud” and “Waiting for Tonight”. She not only carries the most jaw-dropping looks but has always promoted a healthy lifestyle. Her remarkable jawline appears to be ageless even at 52.

    10. David Beckham

    Perfect Jawline

    The renowned soccer player from England and 2018 ambassador of British fashion, should be one of the top spots for a great jawline. Like many other attractive celebrities, Beckham also has a very well-structured face, angular eyes, a strong brow, high cheekbones, and of course, a perfectly chiseled jawline.


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