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    Using Instructions

    Simply put the product in your mouth and place your teeth on the bite strips. Make sure our "JawlineMe" logo is turned the right way and not upside down when you use our product.

    If the bite strips doesn't fit you well you can place the product (with the bite strips) in boiling water for 3-6 seconds. Then softly bite into the bite strips, hold for a few seconds, and the bite strips will mold after your teeth for the most comfortable fit.

    Either check the backside of the product for more in depth descriptions or go to the bottom of this page and read more about the instructions for custom molding.

    Recommended Workout Scheme

    Week 1
    - Start with the Blue Level 1 with 40 lbs. resistance
    - Perform 5 - 10 sets to failure every day

    Week 2
    - Add numbers of sets and increase the intensity
    - Perform 10 - 20 sets to failure every day

    Week 3 - 6
    - Start with the Advanced Red Level 2 with 50 lbs. of resistance. 
    - Perform 7 - 12 sets to failure every other day

    Week 6+
    If you feel like your jaw can handle another level, we recommend using the Elite Black Level 3 with 60 lbs. of resistance. Please DO NOT use this product before 6 weeks of warming up your facial muscles with the 2 early levels! 

    With all levels in your hand you can do supersets, pyramid sets and drop sets for an absolute killer workout!


    1 Rep - 1 Repetition (1 bite/chew on the JawlineMe fitness ball)
    Until failure - Do as many bite/chews on the JawlineMe fitness ball until you can do no more
    1 Set - When you've done as many reps as you can until you can do no more (until failure)