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    Best Exercises to Maintain a Healthy Face

    September 07, 2018 2 min read 0 Comments

    You may find it unusual, but facial exercises before and after do exist. These can be immensely helpful. Not only are useful for getting rid of excess fat around the face but can improve complexion as well as prevent premature ageing of the skin.

    The muscles in our face function similar to the muscles in the rest of the body. Therefore, the facial muscles need to be worked out as well. It is important to exercise the muscles around face and neck in order to prevent weakness and loosening over time.

    There are certain areas of the face that hold a lot of tension on a daily basis. These specifically include the jaw and forehead. Exercising these areas can prevent the wrinkles produced by frequent grimacing as we experience stress.

    To learn how to get a perfect jawline, the best way to get rid of your double chin, and more, here are a few exercises that improve facial health:

    Looking Up

    Facial exercises before and after

    A very simple exercise is to look up and pucker up your mouth. You should this position for about 5 seconds, return to neutral position, and repeat 4 more times. Stick your tongue out while looking up. It sounds stupid but this is how to get a perfect jawline and high cheekbones. This exercise, in general, will help strengthen the neck muscles.

    Make a Fish Face

    Facial exercises before and before

    Purse your lips and smile. It will appear as of you are making a fish face as you suck the inside of the cheeks between the sides of your teeth. Repeat this exercise 5 times to get firmer and toned lips and cheeks.

    Prevent Crow’s Feet

    Facial exercises before and after

    The area around the eyes can become prone to lines and wrinkles. These are called crow’s feet. A simple exercise can help reduce them. Open the eyes wide just like when you feel shocked or scared. Then pull your skin back using your hands.

    Smooth Smile

    Facial exercises before and after

    Hide your teeth with the lips so the mouth is in an O shape. Try smiling widely while retaining the teeth behind the lips. Repeat the step 6 times. Next, put your index finger on the chin as you hold the smile shape. Move your jaw up and down and tilt the head gently back. Relax your position and repeat twice more. This exercise is beneficial for reducing cheek lines and prevent sagging skin.

    How to Perform Facial Exercises?

    Experts recommend doing the facial exercises before and after  while lying down. While they are easy enough to perform in any given spare time, they are most effective when lying down. It is also suggested to perform the facial workout routine at the same time every day. This makes it easier to remember. Don’t pull your skin too aggressively during the different exercises. This will only worsen the lines and wrinkles.

    You will note that many of the facial exercises before and after seem funny and silly. However, they are incredibly simple to perform and provide a wide range of benefits for the various facial and neck regions; including the best way to get rid of your double chin.